Extra money on-line (pajama jobs)

This page is all of the $$$ sites I myself am a member of. I am very selective as I have fallen victim to the Schemes before. ALL of these are reputable companies and I have received  payment from all listed. I hope you find the extra income you are looking for. These will not make you rich (unless you got 1000’s of friends. LOL) but they will add an extra $100 or so month. In my house every little bit helps 🙂


If you haven’t signed up for superpoints yet, this is your chance. It is a great way to earn gift card, paypal cash and high-end prizes. All you have to do is click the lucky button everyday to earn superpoints that are good towards other prizes! I did Christmas shopping with this program!

This program pays you to watch ads. It is a great way to earn an extra bucks through the month!

That is right you can create your ad for $5.00. what better way to promote your blog, page or group!!!!


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  1. 1

    hahaha said,

    i like the super lucky button its the easyest one on here ..just click the button untill your outta clicks..want more click sign your frends up.. save the points untill you have the money you need and cash out!!!!!!!

    • 2

      You are Correct! and you automatically get 30 spins a day when you confirm your email. I have made almost $180 from them in Pay Pal cash since October of 2011. That isn’t long. Although It doesn’t claim to make you rich. It does offer great rewards that are super easy to earn!

  2. 3

    Melissa schaub said,


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