Get a free 6oz sample of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight.

Get a free 6 oz sample of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight.




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Free Tampax Sample


Free Sample of Tampax Tampons. Click the Image above to get yours today!

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4 Free Airborne Samples ~~~Hurry~~~

Airborne is giving away 4 FREE samples! Hurry and get yours today!!










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Sizzling Summer Giveaway | FREE Blogger Opportunity (Kindle, Amazon GC, or PayPal Cash)



Wonderful Free Blogger Opportunity!


Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog and Diva Fabulosa would love for you to join them in the Sizzling Summer Giveaway!

Sizzling Summer Kindle Fire/PayPal Cash Giveaway!  This event will run from July 20th until Aug 18.  We may get started a day or two later.  Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog will be going to Las Vegas, for a much needed vacation.

This event is open worldwide!

Giveaway prize includes:

  • $200 Amazon Kindle Fire or
  • $200 Amazon Gift Card or
  • $200 Paypal Cash

I am leaving the prize up to the winner, we realize that so many people already have a Kindle Fire, so we want everyone to be happy!  Don’t want the Kindle Fire, take an Amazon Gift Card, if that doesn’t work there’s the PayPal Cash option up to $200!  That’s the best way to do it right? Leave it up to the winner!  Anyway lets get to it!

What you get!

If you are interested in joining us for this wonderful event you’ll receive 1 Facebook link on the Rafflecopter or Giveaway Tool FREE!

If you would like additional links there will be a fee of $2 per link.  Any money collected from people buying additional links will go to a second prize!  The more links everyone buys the better the 2nd prize will be for our readers!

If you wish to receive a free Facebook link on the Rafflecopter we ask that you blog about this event, the more people we get to sign up the better the event will be for us and our readers!

If you are buying additional links please send all payments to

If you would like to host a page on your blog you can leave your bid.  Co-hosts spots available for $10 as well.  If we end up with enough money we will just keep adding to the prize, to make it a better event with more winners!

Event button is in the making, I will email it out or post in the group for everyone to grab it if you wish to post on your sidebar!  Thanks, we look forward to working with you on this and many more events to come!

Be sure to join BlahBlahBloggie Giveaways Facebook Group!

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FREE $25 worth of coupons from P&G

Head over and request your FREE Gather Together Coupon Book! You’ll find over $25 worth of coupons from Dawn, Febreze, Cascade and more inside. You can request this booklet once every 3 weeks.

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How to get FREE product coupons

Alright here it is…………..

Everyone has there favorite products and companies RIGHT? Well all you have to do is email the companies that you like the most. For example. As you see the glad Trash bag coupon in my previous post. I emailed the company and told them how much I loved their product. They in return mailed me a coupon for FREE glad trash bags up to 8.50. I did this with every company coupon you see. They sometimes send more than one as you can see. This only takes about 2 minutes to do. Simply go to the companies website and find the link that says “contact us” or “email”. They will collect all your information at this time.

You can also email them if you have had a bad experience. This does happen a lot. Please be honest as this is a great gesture from the companies that provide us with the free products.


Below is a list of links to get you started. 🙂




Mrs. Butterworths

I think you get the picture of what I am trying to say. You will get an email saying that they received your email and will respond within 24 hours with what they are going to send you. Then you can expect them in the mail in about 2-3 days 🙂


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Want to go shopping with FREE product coupons?

I have said it time and time again. Email your favorite companies. They will send you product coupons. I went to Wal-Mart today and used ALL these coupons. My total before my coupons was 76.93 after coupons it was only $6 (this was just tax). It can’t get better than this. Not to mention I am a Glade candle addict. LOL! I purchased 12 of them today. There are so many scents to choose from, it was so difficult. If you would like more information on how to product shop like I just showed you please feel free to message me comment.



                                                                                                                                                    ALL MY PURCHASES

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