Have you Signed-up for SuperPoints???

Have you experienced SuperPoints Yet?

I absolutely love this site! It is a great place to earn gift cards and rewards. The only thing you have to do is click the Super Lucky button EVERYDAY to earn points. You can also earn points by watching short videos and completing offers. There are a lot of options when it comes to earning your points! You will also receive daily emails with valuable points inside of them!

What is SuperPoints you ask?

In today’s digitally and socially connected online world, the SuperPoints site allows you to connect your friends to play together and to win points, all while having fun, communicating, and sharing.

The SuperPoints network is a website that allows you to earn points, which can later be redeemed for prizes. This exclusive site is invite-based and provides incentives for those who invite more friends. Within the site, you can take surveys, watch videos, shop, and play games in order to win points. Additionally, you receive free points daily through a simple click on the daily Lucky Mail emails. Each point counts and each referral does too! The more referrals you gain, the more points you win!

When you have enough points, you can visit the Rewards Catalog to redeem them for prizes ranging from Paypal cash to retailer gift cards to electronics too! We provide a variety of rewards and send them out weekly.

Every point matters and every connection counts.

Sound simple enough?

I joined in October of 2011 and have already earned well over $200. This is not a get rich site!!!!

It is however a great site to earn rewards and gift cards though.

I am saving mine up for Christmas Shopping this year!!! Watch out cyber Monday!!!! LOL

If you would like to join SuperPoints Please Click Here! This is a INVITE ONLY site.


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