How do you clip?

I am very Curious as to when you clip your coupons?

Do you clip them first thing Sunday morning? (Newspaper boy stalker)

Do you look through them and then set them aside for clipping later? ( I am guilty of this occasionally)

Do you have your kids clip them for you? (Love this one… Gotta love child labor! 😉 )

Okay here is the big one!

Do you put your clipped coupons in your binder as you clip? Or do you wait till you are finished?

My coupon strategy is pretty simple. I first look through my coupons and then I set them aside. Only until I look through all the store ads.

I then get all my expired coupons out and fill the binder. I do not clip coupons EVERYDAY! That would be horrible on the fingers (OUCH!)

So How do you clip?


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