Calling All Bloggers with pets

happytails250Two Little Cavaliers is partnering with Happy Tails Spa / Eco Well Dog to bring you an amazing event! We are offering you a Giveaway Hop complete with Review and Giveaway item (Giveaway item will be shipped directly to your winner!) Yes you read that right this is a FREE event and we have gotten you a sponsor! All participants will be sent an item(s) to review and the same item(s) as a Giveaway Prize. Since everyone will be working with the same line of Dog Spa Products that are made from all natural ingredients we know that people entering the Giveaways will want to go from Blog to Blog in order to win as many products as possible.

The #HappyTailsSpa Giveaway Hop will take place May 15th (12:01am Eastern Time) – May 29th (at 11:59pm Eastern Time) and all winners should be notified immediately after the event is over so that you can fill in the end of event document with their shipping address by June 1st. Sign ups for this event will be open through April 15th and items will be shipped out as soon as we have the final list together. While we would love to have everyone who is interested participate in this event there might come a point where we have to deny some of you this time around but there will be future events and your name will be saved to work on that event. Once we have made the final list you will be asked to fill out a linky list which will be used during the Giveaway to direct your readers to the other Giveaways just like any other Giveaway Hop. Once the Giveaway is live I will insert the direct link to your Giveaway post.

The products for this Giveaway will range in price from $12 – $25 per blogger which will be determined by what your pet will most benefit from out of their line of products. In some cases where we feel your dog would benefit from mulitple items that work in conjunction with each other your Review and Giveaway items might be higher in price but this will occur on a case by case basis. We want to give everyone a fair chance and we want to make sure that all of the bloggers in this event are working together to not only promote their Giveaway but the overall event. There will be multiple bloggers working with the same product or same group of products. When creating your Rafflecopter please be mindful of people’s time we do not want to set a limit on number of entries. The mandatory entry will be to have them go to the Sponsor’s website, as bonus entries you will be asked to include the Sponsor’s Facebook Fan Page you will also be asked to include a link to their newsletter sign up. You are welcome to include my Facebook and or twitter account as bonus entries but it is not a mandatory part of your participation in this event.

Ready to help promote this event?!


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