Makes it possible to urinate while standing up. Request a free sample. (Ha Ha this makes me giggle)

This is Very Humorous to me. My Fiancee always says. I can do anything he can do but Pee standing up!!! Not anymore LOL!!!!



Ladies Urifemme is not merely a product of convenience. In this day and age with public facilities the way they are Urifemme has become an absolute necessity. Stop for a moment… and think about the peace of mind that you would have with this product at your disposal!

Ladies we all know that using a public toilet can be a harrowing experience.  In fact 60% of Americans refuse to sit on a public toilet.  Toilet seats are a haven for germs and disease, such as pubic lice, scabies, E. coli, staph and more.  What are your options?  You can attempt to cover the seat with strips of toilet paper, but this is hardly a complete safeguard because paper can slip or tear.  How about those nifty paper toilet seat covers?  Same problems plus we all know that so many public facilities fail to provide these, especially port-o-potties.  Well there’s always “hovering”.  But the problem here is since the position isn’t really relaxing, your bladder may not empty completely.  The residual urine can breed bacteria leading to urinary tract infections and the habit could possibly lead to incontinence later in life.

The answer is simpleURIFEMME!

  • A convenient contoured funnel-like shaped device which allows women to urinate while standing even in the most unsanitary of conditions.
  • Made of a single piece of bonded paper that is amazingly pliable, flexible and easily unfolded for easy use.
  • 100% disposable

Urifemme is absolutely ideal for nearly every conceivable public restroom situation.



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