FREE $10 in Products, 2 FREE Samples, & FREE SHIPPING

FREE VitaCost Products! (New customers ONLY) Here is how…

Become a NEW CUSTOMER HERE. (You get a FREE $10 Credit) The Credit will be emailed to you, and can take up to a few hours to be emailed to you. I got mine within minutes though)

1) Once you have your credit code emailed to you add the Vitamin D3 (200 Count) pictured below to your cart.

2) Spend ANOTHER $5.01 in products. They have Seventh Generation Products, Burts Bees Products, or I HIGHLY Suggest the Kind Fruit & Nut Bars. Get what you like, just do not spend over $10.

3) Add two FREE Samples to your Cart. (Two FREE Samples are included with every order) You can find theFREE SAMPLES here once you are a member.

4) Check out…and remember to add your code you were emailed when you signed up! As long as your total is under $10 and you have added the Vitamin D3 Pictured above, EVERYTHING including shipping is FREE! Your total will be $0! You will need to enter your credit card or paypal info, but YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED!


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