Michigan Weather Alert!

Ugh.. It looks like Michigan is getting its pay back. We have had a VERY mild winter so far (less than 15 inches all year in my area). It’s been wonderful with this early spring weather but it seems like the EVERY time I have travel To Coldwater, Michigan It is CRAPPY weather. It’s a 3 hour round trip for me and I will be leaving at 5 p.m tomorrow. Not usually a Big deal except two weekends ago I had to cancel my trip to do the roads being nothing but ice. Well looks like Mother Nature is reminding us it’s really like to live in Michigan. Here is the forecast for my area. YUCK!



A few snow showers dotted the area early this Thursday morning, but a major snow pattern will be developing later tonight and Friday morning.  The greatest snowfall amounts will be south of a line from Muskegon to Flint to Port Huron.  As much as 4-6 inches overnight or by 6 am Friday morning.  Snow ends Friday morning but an additional 1-3 inches may accumulate for the southern areas.  Temperatures in the mid and upper 30’s tomorrow and low to mid 30’s for the weekend.



This just makes me 😦 cause we have been having BEAUTIFUL 40 degree weather all week. Oh well I guess I should expect it I have lived here all my life!! LOL

anyways I just thought I would share that

Here is a pic of my attempt to travel to Coldwater two weeks ago…(I will up date this post with a pic of tomorrow).


If you live in Michigan Be safe and Don’t Drive like and idiot and remember. Yes, it’s nice to have 4 wheel drive but it doesn’t help when everything is ice!


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