**REVIEW** New Tide PODS

I am an NO way being compensated for this post! I am doing this Review on my own free will.

I was at Wal-Mart last Thursday and was searching for the tide sample packs for $0.97.I found them of course. They are always in stock in my area.  Well I had 2 coupons I had one for $1.00 off any Tide Detergent and then I had another coupon for $2.00 off any tide detergent. Well as I was going down the Detergent isle and I noticed these New Tide PODS trial packs (3 count pack) for $0.97.  So I put back my Regular Tide sample packs I had previously grabbed and grabbed three of these. It was the same deal (3 FREE ) after coupons. I went home and used one to wash my Favorite Snuggle blanket ( I swear it is the softest blanket ever). I am very picky about what detergents i use on my blanket but I trust Tide and I have to say…. WAY  TO GO!!! Tide has yet again created a product That is gonna be hard to beat. I absolutely LOVED it. I got online right away and researched it and got even more excited to discover that the full-size product will be available in March. I later that day noticed that the sample of the New Tide PODS was flooding Facebook pages. I was excited to see that people were getting the chance to try such a great product! I will continue to buy this product. I hope P&G continues to offer the $2.00 off one Tide Detergent coupons so I can continue to purchase this on a weekly basis! 🙂


Thank You Tide for Giving me an extra clean snuggle blanket that smells Tide fresh and it’s as simple as the drop of a POD!

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